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The problem now is that:

  • Fish skin at best is sent for processing to feed cattle, but more often is simply thrown into the garbage, although it can be used as products in the premium segment.
  • The technology of processing fish skins has not become widespread, because it has not been possible to obtain fish skin with characteristics similar to those of animal skins.
  • All over the world have begun to prohibit the skin and the dressing of leathers with dangerous chrome tanning agents, since the use of chrome tanning agents can cause human skin cancer.


We found a technology to obtain fish skin premium segment:

  • Odorless;
  • Sturdy (stronger than calf leather 3 times);
  • Has an attractive appearance.
The problem is solved by organic and synthetic tanning methods, without the use of poisonous chrome compounds.

Our skins have a number of unique qualities:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • complete safety;
  • lightness;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • preservation of heat;
  • blowing;
  • waterproof;
  • evacuation of sweat;
  • low degree of heat transfer (thermos effect);


Providing increased comfort and convenience (takes the form of a person's leg or body, and such shoes will never rub). The price of fish skin is expensive than conventional calfskins, but comparable to the cost of leathers of exotic animals. The fish skin has the lowest cost price in comparison with the skins of exotic animals. The market launch of fish skin creates new opportunities for manufacturers of conventional leather.

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+7 (913) 987-12-29 fishcoat@yandex.ru